Anadolu/Getty - First vestige of football in Ukraine after more than 50 days of war

Anadolu/Getty - Civilians seek shelters after Russian missile strikes on Lviv

Anadolu/Getty - Orthodox churches prepare behind closed doors for Easter celebrations in Lviv

Anadolu/Getty - Quelli che sono rimasti indietro


Anadolu/Getty Musicians play music in Lviv to comfort people displaced from war zones

Urban scars under the mask

Anadolu/Getty - Resort per rifugiati Ucraini in Moldavia


Anadolu/Getty - Molda expo

Pere Saus Traveria


Faction border

Anadolu/Getty - Ukrainian refugees come back to their relative in Lviv

Ucrania es mi casa

Infotalqual Un refugio para nacer lejos de la guerra

Anadolu/Getty - Easter gathering at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Lviv amid Russian attacks

Infotalqual Refugiados entre Ucrania y Polonia

Anadolu/Getty - Rifugiati Ucraini e volontari Moldavi

Anihuman being

Hotel Renaissance

Anadolu/Getty - Refugees from Ukraine arrive in Barcelona

Anadolu/Getty - Crowdfunding campaign to support Ukrainian Air Forces in Lviv

Far from home life is over

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